Look at My Beautiful Monster Babies


Monster Hunter Stories is a charming turn-based RPG that successfully translates many elements of the Monster Hunter franchise into a turn-based RPG. But none of that is important. That’s not the key point of the game. The most important takeaway of Monster Hunter Stories is that you hatch and train adorable monsters and they are my precious babies. Look at them. No- just- sit down and just- just look at my babies.

Monster Hunter Stories - Ratha

This is Ratha, the first monster you encounter after they hatch in the opening sequence and an adorable baby. You learn to play the game by fighting alongside him in the tutorial sequence and then immediately after the game tries convincing you that the monster featured on the boxart, promotional material and two of the game’s amiibo figures is dead. Good one.

Monster Hunter Stories - Cid

This is Cid, a Velocidrome who hatched for me as part of my initiation ceremony to become a Monster Rider, and so he’s a very special baby.

Monster Hunter Stories - Navirou

This is Navirou, a mischievous Felyne who interrupted the aforementioned ceremony and becomes your friend. You can dress him up in adorable outfits and he is a precious baby.

Monster Hunter Stories - Bluyan

This is Bluyan, my dopey Blue Yian Kut-Ku baby. Yian Kut-Kus were the first major monster I could reliably beat in Monster Hunter so it’s cool being able to team up with them now. I love how silly they look and act.

Monster Hunter Stories - Honeycomb

This is Honeycomb, a Lost Poogie. Poogies are scattered throughout the game world and you get rewards for rescuing enough of them. But more importantly they wear adorable baby outfits like this one that’s dressed as a bumblebee. Aww.

Monster Hunter Stories amiibo Monster - Frostfang

Frostfang isn’t my baby, he belongs to another character in the game. But I scanned his amiibo and now he’s mine. My precious.

Monster Hunter Stories - Priscylla


Monster Hunter Stories - Zamtaro

Zamtaro is my freaky fish baby. He’s like a, what, shark/frog hybrid? He rapidly froggy hops around and it looks hilarious. He helps out a lot in battles by coating himself in Ice Armour.

Monster Hunter Stories - Slagtoth

This is a Slagtoth. It’s like a big, shaggy monster doggy and I want one except the game doesn’t let you recruit them. What’s even the point of this trash, 0/10.


Monster Hunter Stories releases today on Nintendo 3DS. See what I thought of it in my review and find out what amiibo do in the game with our amiibo guide.

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