Lightseekers is Available Now in Australia, Figure and Accessory Pre-Orders Now Open

Lightseekers Out Now Australia

Mobile Toys to Life game Lightseekers is now available for download from the Australian App Store and Google Play Store. Lightseekers is an RPG in a similar vein to Torchlight or Diablo that will be gradually expanded with new content over time. You can download and play it for free, but physical toys and trading cards can be purchased in order to unlock new content. Toys R Us have opened up preorders for the full first wave of products which are listed as releasing sometime later this month.

If the game takes your fancy then the main thing you’ll want to buy is one of the two Starter Packs (RRP $99.99). These come with an action figure, a weapon, some trading cards, and all the little extras you need to get these working with the game. What’s really cool about these figures is that they interact with the game – they light up and speak depending on what’s going on, for example they announce new locations as you enter them or react if you shake them around. You can even use the figure as a physical controller in some minigames (although some of these will require a Flightpack accessory which is sold separately). Figures can be augmented with weapons and accessories (RRP $22.99) that allow greater levels customisation than weapons found in-game or unlock access to new content.

Lightseekers Toy Packaging

There’s also a Lightseekers Trading Card Game that works in tandem with the digital game. The physical cards can be used in the real world to play a fully functioning TCG, or you can scan them into the game to get boosts and new content like mini-dungeons. Some packs also include special Tribute Cards which can be shared with other players and will get more powerful as more people scan it. Starter Decks will cost $29.99 but you can get an Introduction Pack for $44.99 that includes everything you need to get a game going with two players. Booster Packs containing 10 cards can be bought separately for $6.99.

Lightseekers TCG


If you start playing now for free you can link a figure to your account later down the line and not lose any progress, so you can give the free game a try before you commit to spending anything. We’ll let you know if we hear anything more concrete about a release date for the physiscal products.

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