Hey, You – ‘Hey! Pikmin’ Brings the Pikmin Franchise to 3DS

Hey! Pikmin for 3DS

The Pikmin franchise makes its handheld debut with Hey! Pikmin for the Nintendo 3DS. This new installment in the Pikmin series will be a sidescrolling platformer rather than a strategy game like the others. There’s not too many details revealed just yet, but you play as Captain Olimar who’ll need to throw various kinds of Pikmin creatures using the touch screen in order to overcome puzzles and enemy encounters.

The game will be launching on July 29th, alongside a brand new Pikmin amiibo. This amiibo will summon extra Pikmin in the game, but the specifics of this feature are yet to be detailed. It’s adorable though – look at the little Yellow Pikmin yearning for a hug! Or the Pink Pikmin that’s… actually terrifying. Even the Red Pikmin seems to be kinda put off by it.

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