Bargain Alert: $44 Starlink Starter Packs + Other Discounted Packs @ Target

Amiibo Bargain Alert

The Starlink bargains continue today as Target have just discounted all of their packs as well. Target offer free in-store pick-up for orders over $20 and free home delivery for orders over $80, but they can no longer guarantee orders will arrive in time for Christmas. The main discounts are those on the Starter Packs – if you’re after the Arwing toy then the Switch Starter Pack is what you need.

Starlink Starter Pack (Switch) – $44 (in-store only)

Starlink Starter Pack (PS4) – $44

Starlink Starter Pack (Xbox One) – $44 (in-store only)


All their other packs are on sale as well. The prices for each category of pack are the same for all packs.

  • Ships – $19
  • Weapons – $8
  • Pilots – $5
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