The Teen Titans GO! LEGO Dimensions Packs Have Been Delayed in Australia

LEGO Dimensions - Teen Titans GO!

Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions was set to close off today with five new packs – two Powerpuff Girls packs, two Teen Titans GO! packs and one Beetlejuice pack. However, those looking forward to the Teen Titans content might be in for some disappointment because it would appear that these packs have been delayed in Australia. EB Games are listing all the other Wave 9 packs as available now and in-stock, while the two Teen Titans packs are now listed with an October 4th release date. We’ve also had reports that other retailers have stock in-store of every Wave 9 pack except for the Teen Titans ones.

LEGO Dimensions Teen Titans GO! Delay

We’ve contacted Warner Bros. for comment, but in the meantime have you had any luck finding the Teen Titans GO! packs today?

UPDATE: Warner Bros. have confirmed that these packs are indeed delayed until October 4th, citing shipping delays to Australia as the reason.

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