Price Guide – Skylanders Imaginators Wave 4

Skylanders Imaginators

It’s a little later than first announced, but Wave 4 of Skylanders Imaginators will finally be here tomorrow (March 30th) in Australia. This wave contains some new characters, creation crystals and one of the brand new Level Packs for the game that will unlock a new level and multiple sets of parts for your Imaginators.

The centerpiece of this wave is the Cursed Tiki Temple Level pack, which contains a Wild Storm figure, a Life element Creation Crystal, and a special Imaginite chest that unlocks 80 brand new parts for your Imaginators. So far only Target are advertising this pack (at their usual Adventure Pack pricing of $32) but Big W and EB Games are likely to be selling this as well.

Skylanders Imaginators - Cursed Tiki Temple Level Pack @ Target

There’s two Sensei figures available for purchase in this wave – Grave Clobber (a brand new Water Brawler figure) and Pain-Yatta (a Magic Smasher who was previously released in a creation crystal bundle). Both Target and Big W will be selling these guys for $16 each.

There’s also two new creation crystals in this wave, both of the Dark element. Dark crystals have only been available in the Dark Edition Starter Pack for the game in Australia, so now you can finally build Imaginators of all elements if you didn’t buy that special edition. While only Target is advertising these crystals specifically, Big W and EB Games are both likely to stock them. Target and Big W are both charging $9 for creation crystals.


UPDATE: EB Games are now listing the Mystical Tae Kwon Crow variant figure on their website. Presumably this will be an EB exclusive like Mystical Bad Juju (despite neither being listed as exclusive, other stores just didn’t stock Mystical Juju).

Skylanders Imaginators - Mystical Tae Kwon Crow variant @ EB Games

So that’s everything, hopefully there’s not another last minute delay this time around. Will you be picking up any new toys tomorrow?

Thanks boratsagdiyev and mR_CaESaR for the catalogues!

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