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Midway Adventure World

The Midway Arcade Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions is unique, in that while it does offer a level, Adventure World, and some toys just like the other packs, the meat of its content comes in the form of 23 arcade games you can play. By docking the Arcade Cabinet that comes with the pack into special Arcade Docks hidden in the game’s levels, you can unlock a game that can be played in the Midway Arcade Adventure World. Each game has its own decorated cabinet, with LEGO versions of each game, but the games themselves appear in their original forms. It can be tricky finding where each of these cabinets is, so we’ve prepared this guide to tell you where they all are.

First, there are 7 games that are unlocked as part of the story level included in the Midway Arcade pack. You can’t miss these, as playing them is required to progress:

  • Spyhunter
  • Joust
  • Robotron 2084
  • Defender
  • Super Sprint
  • Gauntlet
  • Rampage

If you ever get stuck while playing the level, you can check out our Midway Arcade Level Pack playthrough.

The other 16 games are hidden in various levels. In order to find them all you will need the following expansion packs in addition to the Midway Arcade pack itself:

  • Simpsons Level Pack
  • Portal 2 Level Pack
  • Back to the Future Level Pack

You will also need a Fix-It character like Emmett, Jay, or The Doctor to get one of games. You should be able to use the Hire A Hero feature to rent one but I couldn’t get the prompt to appear, so your mileage may vary.


Here are the locations of the remaining games, sorted alphabetically:

720° – Back to the Future Level Pack – Back to the Future!


720, released in 1986

Once you head back in time, you’ll end up in a barn. Blow up the big pile of silver bricks at the back of the barn, and use the resulting bricks to build the dock. Marty must’ve dealt quite the blow to the space time continuum to make this game appear about 30 years early!

Badlands – Midway Arcade Level Pack – Retro Wreckage


Badlands, released in 1989

In the last section of the level that takes place on the roof, head to the left and you’ll see the cabinet in another room through a window. Head a little further left, and there’ll be some glass that can be shattered with Sonar Smash. Hop through the shattered glass and call the Arcade Machine into the room to dock it.

Blasteroids – Level 13 – The End is Tri


Blasteroids, released in 1987

Ok, this one’s really tricky, so bear with me. As soon as the level starts, look to your left. The dock is right there.

Championship Sprint – Midway Arcade Level Pack – Retro Wreckage

Championship Sprint

Championship Sprint, released in 1986

To get this game, you’ll need to find the secret area in this level. When you get to the roof, head to the right, past the Rampage machine. You’ll see a weird platform being suspended by propellers. Use Rebuild 3 of the Spyhunter vehicle (or just about any other flying vehicle) to charge this Flight Dock. Then jump into the tornado that appears. Once there, keep moving along the road until you reach the T intersection. Turn left until you get to the end of the road. Turn right and continue forwards, past the trapped lumberjack, and you’ll see the cabinet sitting in the backyard of the next house. It’s basically the most northern point on the map (or northwest if we’re talking isometrically and getting confusing).

Cyberball 2072 – The Simpsons Level Pack – Mysterious Voyage of Homer


Cyberball 2072, released in 1989

On the way to the Chilli Cook-Off, slow down a little and stop in the park you drive past. Smash the benches and play equipment and use the blocks that remain to build the dock. Good luck getting the medal in this game, I had no idea what was going on the whole time! 😀

Defender 2 – Midway Arcade Level Pack – Retro Wreckage

Defender 2

Defender II (also known as Stargate), released in 1981

This dock is in the same room as Robotron. Use a Fix It character on the glowing blue cabinet in the north east of the room.

Gauntlet 2 – Midway Arcade Level Pack – Retro Wreckage

Gauntlet 2

Gauntlet II, released in 1986

This one’s in the same room as Gauntlet. Head to south east of room and break all the crates nearby. Some plugs will fall out that you can attach to some crates. Then use Spyhunter to attach the tow cable to the plugs, and pull the crates off the cabinet.

Joust 2 – Midway Arcade Level Pack – Retro Wreckage


Joust 2, released in 1986

This one is in the same secret area as Championship Sprint. Once you arrive in the secret area, head into the backyard of first house on left. Smash everything in the yard and use the remaining bricks to assemble the dock.

Klax – Portal 2 Level Pack – Aperture Science


Klax, 1989

This one is so stupidly hard to find that I didn’t find it even after replaying the level a bunch of times. I found it by accident when I took the time to fly up high through each level and break every last object I saw. So, to find this one, play through the level normally until you reach Test Chamber 91. There’s a puzzle where you use an Excursion Funnel to get across a gap. Once you’ve done that, fly onto the top of the structure that the Funnel pushed you into. Smash the Aperture crates there, which will spill out the blocks needed to build this dock.

Marble Madness – Level 12 – Prime Time

Marble Madness

Marble Madness, released in 1984

Not long into the level, you’ll need to complete a Chroma puzzle. Once you’ve solved this, you’ll find the dock on a ledge above the red Chroma tile, next to the stairs.

Paperboy – Level 5 – Painting the Town Black


Paperboy, released in 1985

During the Two-Face boss fight, head towards Two-Face but stick to the left side of the screen. You’ll see the dock there, but be careful not to get too close to the boss or you’ll get incinerated 🙂

Road Blasters – Level 9 – The Phantom Zone

Road Blasters

Road Blasters, released in 1987

Who ya gonna call? ROAD! BLASTERS! This is another easy one. Just look to your right once you enter the Ghostbusters HQ.

Timber – Level 6 – Once Upon a Time Machine in the West


Timber, released in 1984

This one is embarrassingly easy to miss. As soon as the level starts, head to the right of the screen. The dock is just there, near the crowd. No it didn’t take me multiple playthroughs of the level to find this, shut up.

Toobin – Level 1 – Follow the Lego Brick Road


Toobin’, released in 1986

As soon as you enter the level, defy instructions by heading backwards on the Yellow Brick Road, and blow up the silver bricks blocking your path. Break into Munchkin Land and you’ll find the arcade dock in the middle of the town.

Vindicators – Level 8 – Riddle-Earth


Vindicators, released in 1988

To find this dock, enter the second generator room where you fight Brainiac. You’ll find it not too far in front of the door, no assembly required!

Xybots – Level 4 – A Dalektable Adventure


Xybots, released in 1987

If you make it through the tunnel of Weeping Angels without being crippled by fear, you’ll find the dock in the next room. You’ll see it in the camera sweep of the area, near the start of the sliding block puzzle.


Phew! So now you’ll be able to head into the Midway Arcade Adventure World and admire your complete collection of retro videogames! If you’re procrastinating by playing LEGO Dimensions, you can now procrastinate from your procrastination by playing games within your game!

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