Little Nightmares: Complete Edition – amiibo Functions and Unlocks Guide

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition amiibo Guide

The creepy Little Nightmares is now available for the Nintendo Switch, and its additional DLC stories have been included with it. One new feature added to the Switch version is amiibo functionality! The amiibo functionality is really simple, but also quite unintuitive in how to actually activate it.

The game is only compatible with the Pac-Man amiibo, and it will unlock the Pakku Mask. There’s no amiibo option or menu or anything, just tap the Pac-Man amiibo onto your controller when you’re on the main menu and you’ll see some ominous text appear on the screen.

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition - Scanning the Pac-Man amiibo


Select Extras from the main menu and then choose the Masks option. You’ll see the creepy almost-Pac-Man mask at the end. Select that, and when you play the main Little Nightmares story Six will be wearing the Pakku Mask!

If you’re tapping your amiibo on the menu and nothing happens, make sure your amiibo is already set up and registered. In your Switch console’s settings, select the amiibo option and select ‘Register Owner and Nickname’. Follow the prompts from there and your amiibo will be all set up and ready to go.

Check out the Pakku Mask in action in our gameplay video of the first chapter of the game!

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