Bargain Alert – All LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Packs @ LEGO Online Store

LEGO Dimensions Bargain Alert

I keep forgetting we have a LEGO Store to order off, but these discounts are definitely memorable! This comes via Jay Ong on Twitter. All Wave 6 LEGO Dimensions packs have been given a HUGE discount, prices are below:

Ghostbusters Story Pack – $15.99 (RRP is $79.95!)

Adventure Time Team Pack – $12.99 (RRP is $39.95!)

Harry Potter Team Pack – $12.99 (RRP is $39.95!)

Adventure Time Level Pack – $9.99 (RRP is $49.95!)

Mission Impossible Level Pack – $9.99 (RRP is $49.95!)

A-Team Fun Pack – $6.99 (RRP is $24.95!)

Level Packs cheaper than Team Packs? Sure, why not. Keep in mind that as amazing as these prices are, there’s some hefty shipping costs involved. You should still come out of it saving money with most orders, but you will end up spending more than it would first appear. If your order goes over $200 then you get free shipping, so if you’ve been eyeing off any other sets now might be the time to grab them.

LEGO Store Shipping Costs

Don’t forget, Wave 7 comes out this Friday, and we have a price guide for it.

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