The Super Mario Odyssey Wedding amiibo Unlock Wedding Costumes

Super Mario Odyssey - Mario, Peach and Bowser Wedding amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey, the upcoming Mario game for the Nintendo Switch, is launching alongside three new amiibo figures of Mario, Bowser and Peach. The game’s director, Kenta Motokura, has taken to the eShop News Channel on the Switch to provide a few details on what these will do in the game.

Hello everyone. It’s Kenta Motokura again, the director of the Super Mario Odyssey™ game.

Today I would like to give you a closer look at three amiibo figures that will launch alongside the game on October 27: Mario, Peach, and Bowser. Don’t they look dapper?

These amiibo figures will give you wedding themed outfits that can be used during your adventures in the game. They can also help you in other ways, but I’ll talk about those details a little later. Please stay tuned!

Given that other costumes in the game will grant special abilities or access to new areas, it’s safe to say that the “other ways” these wedding costumes help you will be something similar.

Super Mario Odyssey and the Wedding amiibo will launch October 27th in Australia.

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