A New Skylanders Imaginators Update Confirms a 5th Adventure Pack and Adds New Imaginator Parts

New Skylanders Imaginators Patch

A new update has been released for Skylanders Imaginators that provides the foundation for the new content coming to the game later in the year. Space for two new levels has been added to the game’s MAP overworld: the Cursed Tiki Temple that will be unlocked by Wild Storm in March, and also one previously unrevealed Adventure Pack – the Lost Imaginite Mine, which will be unlocked by Ro-bow.

Additionally, over one hundred new Imaginator parts have been added to the game, including 33 new sets of parts that are listed below:

  • Shield Maiden*
  • Bento Set*
  • Metal Skull Armor Set*
  • Legionnaire Set*
  • Goopy Set
  • Flower Power Set
  • Chameleon Set
  • Dryad Set
  • Train Set
  • Plane Set
  • Warrior Queen Set
  • Cat Suit Set
  • Aztec Set
  • Snake Armor Set
  • Special Delivery Set
  • Masquerade Set
  • Night Owl Set
  • Cybug Set
  • Beetle Set
  • Lion Fish Set
  • Royal Guard Set
  • Miner Set
  • Terror of Skylands Set
  • Blue Plate Special Set
  • Spirit Warrior Armor Set
  • Scuba Set
  • Barbarian Set
  • Training Dummy Set
  • Retro Radio Set
  • Rhino Armor Set
  • Castle Set*
  • Precious Gems Set*
  • Monkey Idol Set

The sets marked with an asterisk can be unlocked in the game through Imaginite Chests just like any other drop, while the others can only be unlocked by playing the two upcoming Adventure Packs. There are also a few new parts added that don’t belong to any sets – Half Bot Head, Half Bot Ears, Chainmail Arms, Leaf Tasset, Monster Naga, Lamp Naga.

The new MAP area is located to the left of the area with the existing Adventure Packs, on a new island. When you go there for the first time an Imaginite Chest will be waiting for you that unlocks the entire Shield Maiden Set. You can view the level goals for the two new levels, but you obviously can’t play them yet because Wild Storm and Ro-bow are yet to be released. You can check this new area out in our quick video below.

The Cursed Tiki Temple pack launches March 12th, while the Lost Imaginite Mine has yet to be given a date.

Thanks KingMed and Nightmoon!

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