RUMOUR: Super Mario Odyssey Cereal Box amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

UPDATE (1/12/17): Nintendo of America have confirmed that this cereal will go on sale in the US from December 11th and describe the amiibo’s functions. It turns out that it really doesn’t unlock anything after all. You can show the amiibo to Uncle amiibo to find the location of a Power Moon or scan it during regular gameplay for a heart or some coins. Not particularly exciting, unfortunately, but it’s good that there’s nothing exclusive that people outside of the US will miss out on.

UPDATE (30/11/17): Reddit user ziiigg has ‘acquired’ a box and shared a photo of the back of the box. The NFC tag is part of the box, not on a sticker or separate card.

Kelloggs Super Mario Cereal amiibo


When they tapped the amiibo in-game it didn’t unlock a costume but was referred to as a ‘Delicious amiibo’. Given that the back of the box explicitly states that it unlocks special content I’d wager that there’s more to this. It’s possible that they had already unlocked the costume tied to the amiibo through regular play, or that an upcoming patch will add something new for the amiibo to unlock. The support URL listed on the box even leads to a 404 error page at the moment so that gives the impression that not everything is in place because these amiibo aren’t supposed to be available yet.

Super Mario Odyssey Cereal amiibo Functions

Original story:

So, uh, this is something. I’m going to preface this article with a big disclaimer to take it with a big grain of salt (or sugar, as it were) because it’s totally bizarre. The source is a cereal-focused site called Cerealously and I have to say that I’m not a big player in the cereal scene and can’t vouch for their veracity, but their Twitter account has been around since 2014 and their site contains actual news stories about real things. So I feel confident enough in at least posting this as a rumour.

Now with that out of the way, brace yourselves for the unbelievable news. Supposedly Kelloggs will be producing a Super Mario-branded cereal, consisting of oat pieces and marshmallows designed to resemble key Mario series staples such as Mushrooms and ? Blocks. Hopefully the mushrooms don’t actually taste like mushrooms… But the key take-away from this is that the box will be an amiibo. Yes, that’s right, there will be an NFC chip within the cereal box that will have some sort of special functionality in Super Mario Odyssey. The box art is supposedly a prototype, which could either explain any discrepancies or cover up for a fake. Fun!

Kelloggs Super Mario Cereal amiibo

I never thought I’d be writing about breakfast cereal on this site, but there you go. Maybe you could mix it in with the Skylanders noodles for the ultimate in morning nutrition. So what do you think? Is there marsh truth to this or are we oat of our minds?


Thanks Cerealously and Nintendo Wire!

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