Resident Evil amiibo Were Almost a Thing

Resident Evil Revelations amiibo

The Switch ports of the Resident Evil Revelations games make use of every amiibo, but Capcom almost released some original amiibo alongside the game. In an interview with Famitsu (translation via Nintendo Everything), Ryota Niitsuma revealed that the company was planning to produce amiibo figures of HUNK and Lady HUNK. They got to the stage where the models that would be used for the figures had been made and were ready to be posed, but the idea was dropped due to “various circumstances”. Mysterious!

Koushi Nakanishi, director of Resident Evil Revelations, indicated that he still had some interest in making the amiibo so who knows; it might be possible that these amiibo appropriately rise from the dead at a later point. Niitsuma also mentioned that scanning existing amiibo of Capcom characters in Revelations, like MegaMan or Ryu, will result in getting better rewards. This would line up with what I found when putting together our amiibo guide.

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