Price Guide – LEGO Dimensions Wave 6

LEGO Dimensions Bargain Alert

The first Year 2 packs for LEGO Dimensions are almost here! Wave 6 consists of six new packs, with content from Mission Impossible, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, and The A-Team. All of these packs are compatible with the current Starter Pack, but you will need to download an update that will add all the necessary data into your game. Each packs adds characters, items, and an Adventure World like the packs from Year 1 did, but the new packs will also unlock special Battle Arenas that you can play in local multiplayer modes. Better-than-RRP prices for these packs will gradually start appearing over the next few days, and we’ll compile them all here for your convenience.

Story Packs

In this wave there’s a single Story Pack, which will provide six levels that follow the plot of the Ghostbusters reboot. So far the lowest price for this is at Target, where it’ll cost you $64.

$64 LEGO Dimensions Story Packs @ Target

Big W also have it discounted, but it’s a bit more expensive at $69.

$69 LEGO Dimensions Story Pack @ Big W


Level Packs

There’s two Level Packs in this wave – one that follows the plot of the first Mission Impossible movie, and one that tells a new Adventure Time story. Currently the cheapest place to buy these is at Big W, who are charging $38 each.

Cheap LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Packs @ Big W

Target‘s price is a dollar more at $39, so while you can price match you might not be bothered for a total of $2.

$39 LEGO Dimensions Level Packs @ Target


Team Packs

This wave contains two Team Packs – an Adventure Time pack with Jake and Lumpy Space Princess, and a Harry Potter one which includes Harry and Voldemort. Big W and Target both have these at the same price of $32.

Cheap LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Packs @ Big W

$32 LEGO Dimensions Team Packs @ Target


Fun Packs

There’s a single Fun Pack in this wave, which lets you play as all four members of the A-Team with a single figurine. Big W and Target are both selling Fun Packs for $20.

Cheap LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 Packs @ Big W

$20 LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs @ Target


Starter Pack

If you’ve yet to buy the game, Starter Packs will also be reduced in price at some stores. If you buy a PS4 Starter Pack from September 28th it will come with the infamously exclusive Supergirl figurine. Target‘s discounted price is $98.

$98 LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack w/ Supergirl @ Target

While Big W’s price will be a dollar more at $99, but should price match it if that dollar is important to you.

$99 LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack w/ Supergirl @ Big W


Thanks DemonicDragon for the pictures of Big W’s catalogue!

These prices also apply to existing packs from Year 1, but they might turn out to be even cheaper in-store since stores have been trying to clear them out for a while.

LEGO Dimensions Wave 6 launches September 28th. Keep up to date with the latest events and releases by using our calendar.

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