Playfusion and TOMY Reveal Lightseekers Toy Packagaing

Lightseekers Toy Packaging

To celebrate the launch of the Lightseekers closed beta, the Lightseekers team have revealed what the packaging will look like for the game’s first wave of toys. First up are the starter packs, which are the main thing you’ll want to buy for the Toys to Life aspects of the game. Starter packs include:

  • 1 action figure (Tyrax race or Mari race)
  • 1 weapon accessory (Nitro Hammer for the Tyrax, Aquadart Crab for the Mari)
  • 1 FusionCore to connect the character with the game
  • Lightseekers trading cards
  • 1 Tribute Card that gives more powerful in-game effects when more players scan it
  • 1 charger

Lightseekers - Starter Pack packaging

You can also buy additional weapons separately – the Spinblade 3000 and the Electro Eel. These can be used with any of the figurines and since all the weapons in this wave are one-handed weapons you can even dual-wield them.

Lightseekers - Weapon Pack packaging

And finally, you’ll also be able to buy two varieties of Flight Pack. These attach onto the back of your figures and grant them new mobility options. In some minigames they will also grant you the ability to use your figure itself as a controller.

Lightseekers - Flight Pack packaging

Lightseekers will be on show at the New York Toy Fair this week, so we might see some new reveals soon. The game’s closed beta is now live for Kickstarter backers.

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