LEGO Dimensions’ Marceline Fun Pack Has Been Delayed in Australia

LEGO Dimensions - Marceline Pack

UPDATE: It would appear that there’s widespread defects with Marceline’s tag in the US, which is most likely why she was delayed here

LEGO Dimensions launched its seventh wave of content today, and among those new packs was supposed to be a Fun Pack for Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. This pack was going to be exclusive to Big W. However, a number of people were reporting that their stores were telling them they’d either sold out or hadn’t received any stock, and if you went onto the online listing for the pack, it showed up as out of stock/unavailable.

LEGO Dimensions - Marceline Pack

Well, it turns out there was a sign that staff were meant to be putting out in stores that informs people of a delay. The pack will now release in December for some reason. There’s no wave releasing in December, so it’ll be available by itself. Thanks Alex for the picture!


We’ve asked Warner Bros. PR about the delay to see if we can get some more information. We’ll keep you posted.

WB, why did you delay my toys?
I’d have bought them, and they’d be mine.
But you delayed them, yeah, you delayed my toys…
And I cried, but you didn’t see me cry.

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