Report: LEGO Batman Story Pack Will Have Knight Rider Fun Pack as a Pre-order Bonus at EB Games

LEGO Dimensions EB Games

UPDATE: It turns out it’s actually the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack, not the Knight Rider Pack. Apologies!

A source has told us that if you pre-order the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack from EB Games, then they’ll give you the Knight Rider Fun Pack for free as a pre-order bonus. Staff are reportedly being told about the deal today, and EB’s site and marketing materials are likely to update sometime soon. The Knight Rider Fun Pack is currently out now, and is EB Exclusive, while the Batman Story Pack doesn’t come out til March in Australia (and isn’t EB Exclusive). Given that EB are unlikely to discount the Knight Rider pack, this deal will work out cheaper than if you bought that pack and the Batman pack separately from another store. The cheapest that other retailers here have sold Story Packs for is $64, so if they repeat that pricing for Batman then you’ll be paying $88.95 all up compared to the $79.95 you’d be paying for the bundle at EB.

The Knight Rider Fun Pack comes with a Michael Knight figurine and a KITT vehicle, and grants access to the Knight Rider Adventure World and Battle Arena. The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack comes with Robin and Batgirl figurines and a Batwing vehicle, and also allows you to unlock the ability to play as LEGO Movie Batman using the regular Batman figure in the Starter Pack. It grants you access to six levels following the plot of The LEGO Batman Movie, the LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World, and one of the two LEGO Batman Movie Battle Arenas. The other arena from the movie is unlocked through the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack. The two LEGO Batman Movie packs release March 30th here but are already released elsewhere in the world so you might still be able to import them before their Australian release date.

I find it very interesting that EB will be giving away their exclusive pack when it only released just over a week ago. A lot of people will be perfectly fine waiting if they know they can save money, and you’d think if they had an exclusive that people are forced to pay full RRP for then they’d be milking it for all its worth. It sounds to me that either the Knight Rider pack isn’t selling well so they wanna clear them out (which wouldn’t be surprising since it was released by itself over here with no fanfare), or EB have trouble selling Story Packs due to the fact they’re significantly cheaper everywhere else so they using Knight Rider to help clear out the more expensive pack. They’re not just competing with Australian retailers when it comes to the Batman pack, they’re also competing with overseas retailers who can ship it here early.

So we should get confirmation of this deal pretty soon. Once again, the Knight Rider pack is available now, while the LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack and Fun Pack don’t release until March 30th. The next wave of LEGO Dimensions packs will be releasing May 10th.

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