The Legend of Zelda Content is Coming to Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories - The Legend of Zelda Crossover DLC

Nintendo have announced that the Legend of Zelda crossover DLC for Monster Hunter Stories is getting a Western release on September 28th. This ~free~ content update for the game adds in Epona as a Monstie, a Master Sword and Hylian Shield weapon set, a Link outfit for the player character (regardless of their gender) and a Majora’s Mask item for Navirou the Felyne to wear. Epona can be ridden around the world and called into battle just like any other Monstie, and her Kinship Skill is called Triforce Gallop. I can’t wait to ram a Rathalos with a horse, it’ll be wild. You can see all these additions on show in the official trailer below.

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