An Indie Game Will Bring Custom Toys to Life Figures to Nintendo Platforms


A few indie developers have made moves into the Toys to Life space recently, and one such developer is targetting the 3DS (and potentially the Nintendo Switch!) with their own brand of toys that aren’t amiibo. That developer is Moragami, who were behind games such as Pazuru. The game is currently unrevealed and no title has been given yet. The news of this game’s existence comes from Liam Robertson, a games researcher who has uncovered details on many cancelled and unrevealed games in the past. He has exclusive details on the gameplay on his Patreon, so make sure to check those out if you’re interested, but he has also shared some details publicly about the game’s Toys to Life integration.

And that integration is interesting because it’s a very different approach to other TTL games on the market! For starters, the figures are totally optional – you’ll be able to access all of the game’s content without purchasing any. The really exciting part is that you design the toys yourself. The game’s characters are made up of voxels (think Minecraft or 3D Dot Game Heroes) and you create your own characters in an in-game editor. The editor is said to be incredibly flexible, allowing you to create almost any design. Once your design is complete, you send an order off for a 3D printed NFC figurine of the character you made in the game. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but the developers are aiming to keep them affordable. When your toy arrives you can scan it in your own game or your friends’ and your character will come to life in the game.

Moragami Toys to Life Game

The image above is of a prototype figure made using the game’s editor. While they’re not the size of those from other games like Disney Infinity or Skylanders, it will cut down on costs and allow you to be more flexible in your designs. If you remember, the custom Skylanders Imaginators figures were quite expensive and varied in quality. The game is planned to release on 3DS, PC, mobile devices and possibly the Nintendo Switch. All figures are cross-compatible with each version of the game.

3D printing toys for every player sounds like a significant undertaking, but would be great if they can pull it off. Although, when you give people the ability to make anything their imagination can think of, they’re always going to head in one direction…

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